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Build an app for your Masjid

Engage your jamaah in a mobile world

What an app can do for your Masjid?

Connect With Your Community, Anytime, Anywhere

No longer does your reach need to be limited to Masjid events. With a mobile app you'll be able to keep your jamaah engaged throughout the week by having all of your content easily accessible and creating interactive discussion with your own social wall.

Communicate Important and Inspiration Messages

With Push Notifications you have a direct connection with every single person who has your app. Keep people inspired with daily messages or keep people up to date with the latest announcements.

Increase Donations

The world is only moving further towards online giving. Your app can have a link directly for people to donate using your existing giving platform, making it a seamless experience for all of your users.

Once people finish solah in masjid, things are wrapping up and jamaah is flowing out the masjid doors. How about jamaah that cant make it to come?

How will you make sure your masjid activity is actively engaged from the youngest members to the oldest?

An app can help. By creating a digital center for your community, you can effectively bring the masjid program to your jamaah. Effectively engaging those younger members who live on their smart phones. You’re engaging with them where they are, 24/7/365 right in their pockets.

At their finger tips they’ll have access to sermons, event calendars, to donate and more. WhatsApp us we will walked you through the process of building a simple and easy-to-use masjid app for your jamaah, using the Siaraya mobile app building platform. We’ll walking you through the masjid app template.

Give you jamaah a new way to give back with a direct link to give or donate right from the app. The Donate Plugin is a Folder Plugin that holds a direct link to your donations page. That way you can accept donations from the younger members of your jamaah where they are most often user of the mobile app.

Social Wall Plugin to allow communication amongst your jamaah through your masjid’s mobile app. By giving them a space to talk in the app, you’ve created a space for feedback and discussion in a controlled environment.

You can also create more than one Social Wall Plugin for multiple purposes. You could also have a Social Wall for youth groups or specific events. Once your app is published, and members of your jamaah are using it, you’ll see the social wall fill up in no time.


In the Siaraya platform we help you track the most essential metrics: app downloads and registered users. To help you boost your mobile app downloads, we compiled a list of 10 powerful strategies to help you.


The last important area of the platform is the Notification section. In the Notifications section you can send push notifications through your app to your congregation’s members. This will help you keep in touch with your members 24/7/365 right in their pockets. You can even create groups, which will allow you to have specific segments within your congregation. For example, you may have a youth segment that gets notifications for youth related events on a weekly basis.


Now when you finish for the day, when the masjid are empty, you can still keep connected to your jamaah right from your masjid app. You can update the app to show your members tomorrow’s activity, catch up on the discussions on your Social Wall and know that from young to old – your members are engaged with your masjid.


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