Developing live content and selling tickets for it is becoming more interesting by the day. The popularity of streaming is on the rise, and even the platforms that were traditionally shy with content adoption are taking up live streaming. With that, new opportunities for content production are opening.

It’s not just gaming content people want to watch live online. There are people with all kinds of interests and hobbies that are turning to live streams to learn and exchange opinions with like minded individuals. If you can create content that’s appealing to them, that’s how you make money streaming: start selling tickets for your live stream.

First, you need to be able to create content people will want to pay to watch. That usually means some level of exclusivity or at least something that will make it different from anything that’s already available for free. Then you need us, a platform that lets you sell tickets to streams, to your website, Facebook or Twitter. With that, you have everything you need to put your content behind a paywall. Below are the demo for selling your video online. Call us for free ticket.


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