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Instagram Revenue and Usage Statistics Breakdown

If you’re building an app, you want to compare yourself to the best

Look for the best revenue benchmarks, the top engagement figures, the best daily active user data and use it to help you grow.

And in the world of top-performing apps, one of the most important is Instagram. What started off as a tiny social network nobody had heard of quickly ballooned into a giant big enough to tempt Facebook itself.

And since Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of the network, it’s only grown even more.

But what’s been at the heart of its growth? What types of statistics keep the social network running at such a furious pace?

Today, we’ll break down the most important metrics behind Instagram’s meteoric rise to the top of the social media platforms.

We’ll look at who’s on the social network, how they engage on Instagram,  and how it stacks up against other networks.

Finally, we’ll look into its revenue and see if Facebook’s billion-dollar bet paid off.

Let’s get started!

Instagram user demographics

Up first: the demographics of who’s on Instagram, and how quickly those market segments are growing.

Overall, Instagram is an app with a more affluent audience, and one that’s growing at a tremendous rate.

User growth

In June of 2018, Instagram hit one billion monthly active users, marking an increase of 200 million users over its previously-released number of 800 million in September of 2017.


It’s also the social network app people in the United States are most familiar with after Facebook, with 93% of Americans in 2019 being familiar with the site.


Instagram has over one billion users, making it the sixth-largest social network in the world.

Of those six, four (Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram) are owned by Facebook, Inc.



When it comes to social networks, few can boast the incredible growth of Instagram. It’s simply proven that some platforms can break records.

What are the secrets to its success?

First off, it’s found a new niche market that Facebook has been struggling to reach for years—youth. Specifically, while Facebook’s target market has continued to age, Instagram has become the “cool” network for today’s high school and college students.

While this demographic doesn’t have the same level of economic influence or affluence as the group that’s primarily on Facebook, they’re still able to buy.

But while Facebook earns ad revenue from a variety of markets, Instagram is clearly carving out special offers for eCommerce, with feature like shoppable stories, highly-visual brand accounts, and top users that focus on visual product placement.

While Facebook still dominates the social networking field, adding Instagram was likely one of the smartest moves of the behemoth. They’ve acquired a serious competitor while adding a level of invigorating freshness to the typical market of Facebook.

Instagram is clearly dominating non-Facebook competitors like Twitter and Snapchat, the latter by cleverly (and controversially) copying its features.

It’s no surprise then that Instagram is showing excellent promise with revenue and continues to be an economic and reputation boost for the Facebook brand.

With Facebook’s expertise at the helm, Instagram is only set to keep growing in the coming years..


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