March 15, 2016


The future of TV called is already upon us. Driven by technology advances, business  model challenges, and consumer behaviour over the next five to ten years TV as we know it will be a thing of the past.

rsz_cloud_tv (1)

  Online Radio and TV now comprises the majority of Internet traffic and is expected to grow 100 percent per year for the next five years. Yet, both media Radio and TV and content providers have struggled to monetize this exploding trend. Siaraya offer the technology and tools to enabling monetize online media. We have identified four areas of need that create opportunities: Content delivery,content presentation, content experience,and business model support. Each of these areas presents moderate to high growth opportunities.


Live Streaming

Streaming your HD life & video on-demand content securely, with full control and instant playback – no matter where your viewer are.



Looking to monazite your video or live broadcast? In less than 15 minutes you can set up your own private membership solution.


Video Analytics

Discover where your viewers are located, when and what they are watching and how engaged they are in real time.


Universal Device Delivery

Be sure that your content is delivered in the highest quality to all desktops, tablets, mobiles and connected TVs.


Ad Free Viewing

No Advertisment, Just your content. Ad free players and broadcast. Your clients see what you provide without interruptions.


Uploading & Encoding

Upload once and reach all devices our website has moved here and we provide automated video encoding for your videos. We also offer HTTP and FTP automation.